Joining an ‘MLM’ in Prelaunch isn’t always an advantage

I keep seeing post after post about how people have ‘missed the boat’ joining Younique ( or any other business) once they are out of Prelaunch because they will only ever line the pockets of those at the top and never earn any money themselves.

I’ve been in direct selling / party plan / multi level marketing for some time now, over 12 years actually, I’ve been a manager for several of the companies I worked for, overtaking my uplines position in some cases and failing miserably at others. And until the past few months ‘prelaunch’ was not a word I’d ever heard commonly used in the direct selling world.

If this prelaunch phase was genuinely the only time to join a business, how has Avon survived for over 125 years?! Im pretty sure those first few Avon ladies are not the ones who are still having their pockets lined by todays reps!

Times change, people leave, new people turn 18 everyday, trends change, businesses change. When you join isn’t always the deciding factor in how successful you will be!

I joined Younique on launch day for the UK on 1st October I currently sit at Elite Green status, I have around 150 ladies underneath me, around 30 of them also joined that same time as me and yet only one other is Green… This has nothing to do with when they joined, it’s a direct link to how much work they have chosen to put in.

I worked for another business for 6 years under a manager who had been around for over 20 years, yes 20 YEARS! Yet I was a higher rank than her and I had a company car.

So don’t be disillusioned by all the hype around jumping ship to a new company in its ‘prelaunch’ because if you failed with your current business because you aren’t willing to put in the work and effort, don’t expect the next one to be any different…..

Much Loves!!
Chrissy J

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