Why I won’t be joining the latest ‘Scratch Card MLM’ Scam….

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this amazing scratch card mlm TAX FREE EARNINGS OPPORTUNITY that is all over social media at the moment, well I say at the moment, its been haunting my facebook for quite some months now, with the promise of it being launched ‘any day now’

Here is the generic spiel you will be sent should you enquire about it…

Technically your winning and winnings is tax free Here is the information about the opportunity and sorry its a bit long winded:

This is an ‘instant win’ opportunity backed by a €Multi million a month fully licensed e gaming company, and they are entering the Multi Billion Euro Scratch Card market with a unique Networked product that has huge mass market appeal. One of the major benefits that grabbed my attention was that all the ‘income’ generated will be designated as ‘winnings’ and therefore will be Tax Free.

OK. So why Scratch Cards?

The Global Market size is estimated to be $150 billion a year, and growing fast. The popularity of Scratch Cards is at an all-time high and in most countries they outsell the National Lottery. In the UK, Camelot now sells more Scratch Cards than Lottery tickets. The biggest growth area for Scratch Cards is online and that is the arena we will be playing in. The growth and income potential is enormous. So what we have, is a fast selling product that will appeal to EVERYONE, an extremely lucrative plan, all paid out as Tax Free Winnings, backed by a large financially stable company who have vast expertise in this area. The real winner is it only costs €30 per month. (Approx £22 per month) nothing to pay until launch approx 3 weeks away x

Now lets put this into perspective.
Your chances of winning on a national lottery Scratch card are around 1 in 4.93. So 1 in 5 scratch cards is a winner right? Sounds like some pretty good odds!

So if you buy 5 Tickets ONE of those should be a winner yeah? WRONG!

It just means on AVERAGE 1 in 5 is a winner – so you could buy 100 and not have 1 winner, but you could buy 1 that is a winner! Think how many times you played the lottery and didn’t win….

I also dug around abit and got some more information on this ‘system’. So you get 5 scratch cards for paying your £22 a month ‘fee’ which they say 1 will be a winner (according to the odds) and then you find 5 people to go under you, you can only ever have 5 people directly under you, and once those 5 spots are filled your newer people then filter down under them till they have 5 each under them and so on and so forth (Sounding familiar yet?? Anyone who was around in the 90’s / early 2000’s will probably find this sounding very much so!)

S the next part of the information is :

So let’s look at the figures.

Level 1 – 5 Players = 25 Card Credits A Month = 5 Online Cards To Scratch
Level 2 – 25 Players = 100 Card Credits A Month = 20 Online Cards To Scratch
Level 3 – 125 Players = 500 card credits a month = 100 Online cards to scratch
Level 4 – 625 Players = 2,500 card credits a month = 500 Online cards to scratch
Level 5 – 3,125 Players = 12,500 card credits a month = 2,500 Online cards to scratch
Level 6 – 15,625 Players = 62,500 card credits a month = 12,500 Online cards to scratch.

This gives a potential 15,625 Cards for YOU to scratch online EVERY MONTH.

Now, this is where it gets exciting! Approximately 1 in 3.4 cards will be a WINNING card. Based on the numbers above, YOU should have an average of 4,595 winning cards every month! The MINIMUM win on a €5 card is €5, therefore 4,595 x €5 = €22,977 per month in Tax-Free Winnings to YOU – EVERY MONTH! (€275,274 Per Year)

But the chances are your winnings will be higher as there are thousands of winning tickets that win more than €5 so there will be some HUGE prizes!!

All I need from you now is a handshake agreement that you will work with us. We will then get you into our Secret Facebook Group where you can get access to all the Trainings, Webinar News, and Launch News etc. And you get to interact with our other committed team members. We will also teach you to start getting your first 5 players and help them get their 5.

So although this looks amazing – you could have 12500 non winning cards – especially as this is running online there are no regulations to stop them have no winning cards!

Now if you aren’t sure what i’m referring too with it sounding similar to a previous scam let me enlighten you with some links at the bottom of this post!

So besides the fact the figures don’t really add up for me, I have an ethical problem with this. Not only is it encouraging gambling (as this is what you will be doing) it will be reaching out to vulnerable people and getting them hooked on the ‘next time it must be my turn’ cycle. How many months would you play and play because, surely it’s your turn to win big next right? It would be like not playing your lottery ticket one week and all your numbers coming up. So once you’re in, they’ve got you, because you won’t want to be the one who ‘missed out’. I know too many people who would unfortunately fall into this cycle of desperation and continue to pay their money without winning.

Now i’m not saying you shouldn’t join, It could be all legit, and change peoples lives and i’d been really pleased if it did. Just think realistically what you are getting your self into – and if you haven’t heard about the pyramid scams below have a read, if this sounds like what you are doing, STOP immediately.

Much love peeps!
Chrissy J

Theres a whole wealth of information here : http://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/170f1p/beware_the_pyramid_scheme_women_empowering_women/

And also this one explains a few different types which have happened

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