I get anxious over odd socks

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Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my head – if you ask anyone who knows me they would (hopefully!) tell you that I’m a pretty chilled out person in my daily life – nothing ever seems to bother me that much. They certainly wouldn’t tell you I get anxious but I guess that’s the magic of social media and people seeing what you want them to see.

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The real me? I get anxious if I can’t find a matching pair of socks. Seriously of all the problems in the world some mornings this is enough to tip me over the edge.

I think when people think about anxiety they immediately think of agoraphobia but this is just one of the many types of anxiety disorders. From feelings of anxiety to physical symptoms of anxiety including intrusive thoughts (something I suffer with), regular panic attacks and even chest pain.

Never enough…

I beat myself up for not spending enough time with my kids but balance that out by the fact I’m teaching them to be good people by showing them hard work does take you places and scrounging from the state is not an option to even consider as a lifestyle choice!

I grew up in a chaotic household and just thought that was a normal part of life. It’s only when I’ve had my own children I realised that I shouldn’t be so anxious in my day-to-day life. I have a real tough time at any sort of social event especially when a certain family member is present.

I cry over the silliest things, like that natwest advert, yep that one with the scarf! Incase you haven’t seen it, here it is.

And sometimes I just don’t think I’m good enough. In my life I have suffered some real traumatic events which I may one day want to talk about with more than just health professionals but for now I am focusing on regular exercise and relaxation techniques.

So next time take minute before making assumptions on people. Cos sometimes not everything you see is the whole picture . …

ChrissyJ xxx

I am trying to work on my anxiety and have got myself a journal to try and start getting better.

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